Papain 300000 USP Bromelain 120 GDU

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Papain is the primary enzyme found in Papaya fruit. The fruit is a native to Central Africa and Mexico and is considered as a nutritious food source here. Papain extracts however are used for meat tenderizing, cheese making and as ingredient for cosmetic products. The papain enzyme is highest in concentration when in the unripe form of the papaya fruit. In traditional medicine, Papain is used to treat warts and boils. Additionally, it is best used to help the anti-inflammatory process inside the body and is used in edema and fluid retention during surgery or trauma.

Bromelain is an enzyme found in the juice of the pineapple fruit. The fruit is native to Southern and Central America and can grow in tropical and dry climates. Bromelain is said to help reduce inflammation throughout the body and is linked to help individuals who have minor operations, sprains and arthritis.

Our Papain and Bromelain contain 300,000IU Papain and 120gdu Bromelain and come in an easy to swallow 6mm tablets. The tablets are available in six different quantities to meet you nutritional needs Please note that this product contains Sulphur Dioxide and is not recommended for customers who experience allergic reaction to this ingredient.

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